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Tricolor Imbricata Plena

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Year Published/Registered1859

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Tricolor Imbricata Plena'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Tricolor Imbricata Flore Pleno  Lemaire, 1862, L’Illustration Horticole, 9:312: Synonym for Tricolor Imbricata Plena.

Tricolor Imbricata Pleno  William Bull Retail Catalogue, 1867, p.74. Orthographic variant for Tricolor Imbricata Plena.

Tricolour Imbricated Plena  E.G. Henderson & Son, 1871, Spring Catalogue, p.50. Orthographic variant for Tricolor Imbricata Plena.


» English Description

Illustrated Bouquet, 1859: The illustration is entitled ‘Tricolor Imbricata flore pleno’. Obtained as a seedling of Tricolor by Charles Schmitz of Florence, Italy, who sold the entire stock to E.G. Henderson, London. Flowers of above average size, composed of large, rounded petals, disposed in the form of a rose, and having a streak of crim­son on a pure white ground. Auguste van Geert, 1861, Catalogue, No.50, p.36. This variety was figured and described in Illustrated Bouquet, Nov.1859, and vol.15 of van Houtte’s Flore des Serres..., 1862. Synonym: ‘Imbricata Plena’. Orthographic variant: ‘Tricolor Imbricata Pleno’. Orthographic error: ‘Tricolour Imbricated Plena’.


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Blooming Season Italy