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Anemoniflora Carnea

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CountryUnited Kingdom

Year Published/Registered1825

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Anemoniflora Carnea'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Anemonae Flora Warratah Carnea  Fendig, 1953, American Camellia Catalogue. Synonym for Anemoniflora Carnea.

Anemonaeflora Carnea  Francesco Ascione, 1856, Catalogo dell Piante Multiplicate si Vendono nel Giardino Inglese de Caserta. Orthographic error for Anemoniflora Carnea.

Anemone Warrata Carnea  Berlèse, 1837, Monographie, ed.1, p.125. Synonym for Anemoniflora Carnea.

Anemoniflora Waratah Carnea  Berlèse, 1837, Monographie, ed.1, p.52 as ‘Anemonaeflora Warrata Carnea’. Synonym for Anemoniflora Carnea.

Blush Warrattah  Loudon, 1841, An Encyclopedia of Plants, p.1238. Synonym for Anemoniflora Carnea.

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» English Description

London, 1825, Greenhouse Companion, p.74 as ‘Anemoneflora Carnea’ or ‘Blush Waratah’. A British hybrid with pale or light red flowers. also: Baumann & Baumann (1828), Vol.I. Camellien-Sammlung,plt.6 and Von Reider (1834). Annalen der Blumisterei (1834),Vol.10, plt.234.  Synonyms: ‘Carna­tion’, ‘Anemonae Flora Warratah Carnea’, ‘Blush Waratah’. Orthographic variants: ‘Anemone­flora Carnea’, ‘Anemonaeflora Carnea’, ‘Waratah Incarnata’.


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Blooming Season United Kingdom