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Chibi Jinxin

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Year Published/Registered2011

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Chibi Jinxin'

Chinese Name:赤壁金心

Japanese Name



» English Description

Chibi jinxin.( Camellia pitardii)  Synonym: Camellia pitardii ‘Xinan hongshancha,  Originate: Chongqing  Characteristics: Plant habit vigorous, with open crown, shoots slender and somewhat drooping. Leaves deep green, glossy, elliptic, with apex apiculate and recurved, base broad cuneate, flat, margins slightly recurved, serration deep, measured 8 cm to 10 cm across by 4 cm to 5 cm wide. Calyxes relatively open. Flowers bright red, diameter 5 cm to 6 cm wide. Petals rounded, 6 segments, imbricated in 1-2 rows, with apex notched, slightly crinkled. Stamens normal, with filaments combined at base as tubular. Anthers yellow, single form, medium floral abundance. Blooms January to March, at fully blooming in March. Key points of identification: Flowers bright red, single form, filaments united as tubular at base

» Chinese Description

赤壁金心 Chibi Jinxin  周利主编、2011《川茶品种图鉴》 p.30。植株开张,生长旺盛,枝条较柔软,略下垂,叶深绿色,光亮,叶椭圆形,先端渐尖,基部宽楔形,叶尖下弯,叶片平展,叶缘略反卷,叶齿较深,叶长8cm~10cm,宽4cm~5cm;花萼较开张,花大红色,花径5cm-6cm,花瓣1轮-2轮, 6枚,花瓣近圆形,瓣端有缺凹,略皱褶,雄蕊发育完全,花丝基部连成筒状,花药黄色,单瓣型,花量中等,花期1月至3月,盛花期3月。识别特征:花大红色,单瓣型,花丝基部连成简状。原始产地:重庆


Flower Size5-6 cm

Blooming Season1-3 Month China