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Dr. Bob Withers

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Year Published/Registered1995

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia 'Dr. Bob Withers'

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Dr. Bob Withers.  (C. reticulata hybrid). Australian Regn. No. 534.  Applicant and Originator: Dr R. M. Withers, 23 Melissa Street, Donvale, Vic, 3111 • A controlled cross between seed parent C. reticulata hybrid 'Suzanne Withers' and pollen parent C. reticulata hybrid 'Jean Pursel'. First flowered 1995. The peony form flower of 50 petals and 150 petaloids mixed with stamens is medium pink at the tips of the petals, fading to pale pink at the base of the petals, RHS 67D to 69A, 140 mm x 70 mm. Flowers appear mid-season on a rapid growing, open, upright plant. Flowers floriferously. Leaves dark green, glossy, flat, elliptic, 105 mm x 65 mm. The shape, form and colour are unique. Good texture and lasting qualities. It is a multiflora or pom-pom type, with up to five distinct flowers coming from one central calyx. See The Camellia Journal, 8/1998. Best Seedling, Victorian Branch Waverley Show, 1997. Best Seedling Victorian Branch, 1997. Application received 5 September, 2000 from Victorian Branch. Propagation: Rhodo Glen Nurseries, The Patch, Vic, 3792.


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