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Elsie Ross

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Year Published/Registered1993

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia 'Elsie Ross'.

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Elsie Ross. (C. reticulata hybrid).   Australian Regn. No. 469. Applicant and originator: Dr R M Withers, 23 Melissa St, Donvale, Victoria, 3111. • A controlled cross between C. reticulata hybrid 'Suzanne Withers', seed parent, and C. reticulata hybrid 'Jean Pursel', pollen parent. First flowered 1993. The semi-double to informal-double light-pink flower of 28 petals, RHS 68D, 140 mm x 80 mm, appears mid-season on a rapid-growing upright open plant. Leaves olive-green, glossy, keeled, elliptic, acuminate apex, serrate margins, 100 mm x 50 mm. Petals notched, opening flat, filaments arranged in a column. Flowers shed whole. Paler-coloured distinctive reticulata hybrid. Best seedling, Waverley Show, 1994. Application received 11 September, 1996 from Victorian Branch (Inc) A.C.R.S. Propagation: By originator at Rhodo Glen Nursery, The Patch, Victoria 3793.


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Blooming Season Australia