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Huaye Baozhu

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Year Published/Registered1985

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia reticulata 'Huaye Baozhu'

Chinese Name:花叶宝珠

Japanese Name



Hua-yeh Pao-chu Durrant, 1967, New Zealand Camellia Bulletin, vol.V, No.4, p.27. Different read­ing for Huaye Baozhu.

Variegated Leaf Jewellery Bao, 1980, ACS., The Camellia Journal, vol.35, No.2, p.18. Synonym for Huaye Baozhu.

Variegated Leaves Precious Pearl Durrant, 1967, New Zealand Camellia Bulletin, vol.V, No.4, p.27. Synonym for Huaye Baozhu.

Variegated-Leaf Precious-Pearl Feng et al., 1981, Yunnan Shancha Hua, p.137. Synonym for Huaye Baozhu.


» English Description

Yü & Feng, 1985, Yunnan Shanchahua. Feng et al., 1986, Yunnan Camellias of China, p.94, colour photo: Leaves large, thick, with many yellow spots, oblong, broad in the mid-region, apices acuminate and slightly recurved, bases rounded to broad-cuneate, 8.5-10 cm long x 3-5 cm wide. Flowers dark red (RHS.CC.53D), diameter 12-­14 cm. Petals about 29 in 3-5 whorls, outer whorls flat, inner whorls folded, curved, erect, form­ing a raised flower centre. Stamens numerous, divided into 5 groups by curved petals. Pistil rudimentary. This cultivar is similar to Baozhucha, but the flowers are larger and colour is brighter with a tinge of blue. Flowers mid-season. Different readings: ‘Huayehpaochu’, ‘Hua­yeh Pao-chu’, ‘Huayebaozhu’. Western synonyms: ‘Variegated Leaf Jewellery’, ‘Variegated Leaf Precious Pearl’. Originated in Yunnan, China.

» Chinese Description

冯国楣、夏丽芳、朱象鸿,1981.《云南山茶花》,图片p.69,文字描述p.127。花叶宝珠(Huayebaozhu) Variegated Leaf Jewellery.【叶】宽卵圆形至长椭圆状卵圆形,长8.5-10厘米,宽 3-5厘米,先端渐尖并下勾,基部钝圆至宽楔形,叶片肥厚,满布黄色斑点。【花】紫红色,直径12-14厘米。花瓣29片,5-6轮 着生,外轮花瓣外伸呈圆盘状,内轮折叠卷旋、直立, 形成高耸的花心。雄蕊多数,分5-6组,混生于曲折的花瓣中。雌蕊退化。花期2月上旬至3月下旬。本品种很难与宝珠茶区别,唯叶片多带黄色斑点, 花比宝珠茶大而带亚蓝色和发亮。

管开云、李纪元、王仲朗. 2014.《中国茶花图鉴》p. 264。原产地:中国云南省昆明性状描述:花红色,牡丹型,大到巨型花,花径12~14 cm,花瓣约30枚,宽圆形,5~6轮排列,外轮花瓣较平,内轮曲折卷旋,形成高耸的花心,雄蕊多,分5~6束夹生于曲折的花瓣中,雌蕊退化,不结实,花量稠密。叶宽卵圆形至长椭圆状卵圆形,长8.5~10cm,宽3~5cm,先端渐尖,下弯,基部钝圆或宽楔形,叶片质厚,具黄色斑点或斑块;植株开展,生长中等。花期:2月上旬至3月下旬。识别点:花与‘宝珠茶’难以区别,唯其叶片带黄色斑点可区分。

» Japanese Description

中国科学院昆明植物研究所 1981 「雲南のツバキ」p. 137. 【葉】広卵形か長楕円状卵形。長さ8.5〜10cm, 竭3〜5cm。先端は銳先形で,外側に反転して下 を向く。基部は鈍円形か広いくさび形。表面に ぶ黄色の斑点が多い。葉身は厚く,平たい。鋸 盏はまばらにつき,浅い。【花 】花形はボタン形。花色は濃赤色(R.H.S.C.C.53B)。花径は12〜14cm。花弁は29〜31枚あり, 重の輪状に配列する。外方の弁は円盤状で, 弁の先がわずかに波曲する。内方の弁は外側に 行れ,両端は外側に巻き込み,弁の下部j〜+が 2〜3枚ごとに癒合し,直立する。雄ずいは多い。 5~6個の束に分かれて,内方の弁の間にはさま る。雌ずいは退化していて,扁平状などさまざ まな形になる。結実しない。花期は2月上旬〜3月下旬。【参考】この品種は,宝珠茶と見分けにくいが, 多くの葉身には黄色の斑点があり,花は宝珠茶 より大きくて,照りのある青色をわずかに带びる。昆明で産する。


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