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Japonica Variegata

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Year Published/Registered1864

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Japonica Variegata'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Japonica Foliis Argentis Variegatis  Jean Verschaffelt, 1867-1868, Catalogue, No.11, p.42 as ‘Japonica Fol. Arg. Var’. Synonym for Japonica Variegata.

Japonica Foliis Variegatis  Jean Vervaene fils, 1864, Price List, No.1, p.6 as ‘Japonica Fol. Var.’. E.G. Henderson Nursery Catalogue, 1868, p.70, Linden Catalogue, 1869-1870 as 'Japonica fol. var.'. Synonym for Japonica Variegata.

Portuense  da Silva & Filhos Catalogue, 1958. Abbreviation for ‘Portuensis Foliis Aureis Varie­gatis’, synonym for Japonica Variegata.

Portuensis Foliis Aureis Variegatis  Companhia Horticolo-Agricolo Portuense, Catalogo, 1895­-1896. Synonym for Japonica Variegata.


» English Description

Veitch Catalogue, 1864: Rose-red, small single with white variega­tion on foliage. Compact growth. Veitch Catalogue, 1867, p.64: True red, with variegated foliage, having a more or less irregular, broad margin of pure white. Originated in Japan. Syn­onym: 'Japonica Foliis Variegatis'. Ferreira & Celina, 2000, O Mundo da Camélia, p.104, as ‘Portuense’, with colour photo; The leaf markings do not match the above descriptions


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