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Paeoniiflora Alba

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Year Published/Registered1830

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Paeoniiflora Alba'

Chinese Name

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Alba  Grandiflora Semiplena. Courtois, 1833, Magasin D’Horticulture, (l,pt.D):309. Synonym for Paeoniiflora Weymarii.

Anemonaeflora Alba Plena  Paillet. In Lemaire, 1844, p.146, sl.23. Synonym for Paeoniiflora Alba.

Anemonaeflora Plena  Loddiges Catalogue 1814, p.25. Synonym for Paeoniiflora Alba.

Anemoniflora Alba Plena  Loddiges Catalogue, 1814 as ‘Anemonaeflora Alba Pl.’. According to the 1830 Journal of the Horticultural Society of London: "believed to have been amongst those imported for Kew in 1810". It thus appears to be a synonym for Paeoniiflora Alba.

Anemoniflora Plena  Loddiges 1814, Catalogue as ‘Anemonaeflora Pl.’. Synonym for Paeoniiflora Alba.

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» English Description

Booth, 1830, Transactions of the Horticultural Society of London, vol.7, p.548 as ‘Paeoniflora Alba’ or ‘White Paeony-flowered’: A medium sized, white, peony form sport of Pompone - generally cultivated under the name of ‘White Waratah’ or ‘White Anemoneflowered’. It was presented by Loddiges as ‘White Pompone’. A plant was brought from China by Mr Potts in 1822, but was supposed to have been introduced to Kew in 1810. Syn­onyms: ‘White Waratah’, ‘White Anemoneflowered’, ‘White Pompone’, ‘Pomponia Semiplena Alba’, ‘Pomponia Bianca’, ‘Pomponia Gallica Alba’, ‘Harlequin White’, ‘White Peony’, ‘Waratah Flore Pleno’, ‘Paeoniiflora Southern’, ‘White Anemone Mutabilis’. Orthographic errors: ‘Paeoniaeflora Alba’, ‘Paeniaeflore Alba’, ‘Paeonyflora Alba’, ‘Paeoniflora Alba’, ‘Peoniflora Alba’, ‘Poeoneflora Alba’.


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