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Reine des Beautés

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Year Published/Registered1861

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Reine des Beautés'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Grace S. Wilder  Le Texnier, 1911, Le camellia essais sur l’histoire de quelques fleurs d’ornement, p.40. Synonym for Reine des Beautés.

Grace Sherwin Wilder  Manning, R., 1887, Biographical Sketch of Marshall P. Wilder. Synonym for Reine des Beautés.

Grace Sherwin Wright  Urquhart, 1956, The Camellia. Orthographic error for ‘Grace Sherwin Wilder’, synonym for Reine des Beautés.

Pink Formal Number 4  Camellia Grove Nursery Catalogue, 1945, p.6 as ‘Pink Formal No.4’. Synonym for Reine des Beautés.

Queem of Beautieu  G. Mariotti Catalogue, 1924, p.17. Orthographic error for ‘Queen of Beauty’, orthographic variant for Reine des Beautés.

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» English Description

Lemaire, 1861, L’Illustration Horticole, vol.8, pl.299: Originated by Vervaene, Ledeberg, Belgium. A formal double of delicate, soft pink from the centre to the periphery. Its numerous petals are rounded and bilobate towards the exterior and oval and entire towards the centre. It was described in vol.4, The Floral Magazine, 1865 as ‘blush’ and van Houtte, 1873-1874 Catalogue and Rollisson’s Plant catalogue, 1877-1878 as ‘delicate, clear rose’. Illustrated in Urquhart’s The Camellia, 1956, it is reported to be a sport of the old American vari­ety Mrs Abby Wilder but no mention of this is made in the early descriptions. SCCS., Camellia Nomenclature gives ‘Grace Sherwin Wilder’ as a synonym. Synonyms: ‘Queen of Beauties’, ‘Queen of the Beauties’, ‘Grace Sherwin Wilder’. Orthographic errors: ‘Reines des Beauties’, ‘Reine des Beauties’, ‘Reine de Beautes’, ‘Roi des Beautés’.


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Blooming Season Belgium