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Changlin 166

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Year Published/Registered2009

Cultivar Type:For Oil

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia oleifera 'Changlin 166'

Chinese Name:长林166号

Japanese Name



» English Description

Changlin 166Camellia oleifera.Edited by Han Ninglin and Zhao Xuemin. 2009. "Cultivation of Camellia High-yield Varieties". China Agriculture Press, p.29. China Forestry Publishing House, 2016.Oil-tea Camellia Cultivars in China, p.694. Primary selection number: Fulin No. 9. Branches aslender, sprouting early, young shoots with red buds, the underside of the young leaves is red, and the mature leaves are willow-shaped. The first flowering period is in late October, and the flowering period is 20 days long. The fruit is olive-shaped, bright red in color, and small. Each fruit contains 1-2 seeds, and a few have 3 seeds. The dry seed rate is 23.6%, the kernel rate is 62.0%, and the kernel oil rate is 51.0%.

» Chinese Description

韩宁林,赵学民编著. 2009. 《油茶高产品种栽培》.中国农业出版社, p.29。初选号:抚林9号。枝条细长,发芽早,嫩枝红芽,嫩叶背面红色,成熟叶柳叶形。始花期10月下旬期,花期长20天。果实似橄榄形,色泽鲜红,果实偏小,每个果实含种子1-2粒,少数有3粒。干出籽率23.6%,出仁率62.0%,仁含油率51.0%。

长林166 Camellia oleifera Changlin 166. 中国林业出版社, 2016. 《中国油茶品种志》,p.694。【审定编号】浙R-SC-CO-008-2011【品种类别】无性系【选育地】浙江、江西【区试点】江西、湖南、福建、广西【选育单位】中国林业科学研究院亚热带林业研究所、中国林业科学研究院亚热带林业实验中心【选育年份】2011


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