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Contessa Calini

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Chosen by Gianmario Motta



Year Published/Registered1852

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Contessa Calini'

Chinese Name

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Calini  Burdin Maggiore & Co., 1849-1850, Catalogue General. Verschaffelt Catalogue, 1867-1868, p.38. Abbreviation for Contessa Calini.

Callini  van Houtte Catalogue, 1851. Abbreviation for Contessa Calini.

Comptesse Calina  Anderson & Co. Nursery Catalogue, 1887, p.70. Orthographic error for Contessa Calini.

Comptesse Callina  Shepherd & Co, Nursery Catalogue, 1880. Orthographic error for Contessa Calini.

Comptesse Calline  Old Chatsworth Nursery Catalogue, 1898-1899. Orthographic error for Contessa Calini.

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» English Description

Fratelli Rovelli, 1852, Catalogue, p.13 as ‘Callini’: Very large, imbricated, pure white transparent petals. Originated by Rossini, Italy. Verschaffelt, 1857, Nouvelle Iconographie, Book VII, pl.II: This Camellia sent to us recently by Count Lechi of Brescia, Italy. Its blossoms of the largest size, perfectly full-­bodied, are composed of numerous, outspread petals, convex, rounded, emarginated at the apex, all imbricated with perfect regularity and of the purest white. It belongs to the class of perfections. Orthographic variants: ‘Comtesse Calini’, ‘Countess Calini’. Orthographic errors: ‘Comptesse Callini’, ‘Comptesse de Callina’, ‘Comptesse Calina’, ‘Comptesse Callina’, ‘Cowtesse Caleoni’, ‘Comtesse Calina’, ‘Comtesse Callina’, ‘Comtesse Callini’, ‘Contesse Calini’, ‘Comtesse de Callini’, ‘Continsia Callina’, ‘Countess Callina’, ‘Countess Calina’, ‘Countess Cullina’, ‘Calini’, ‘Comptesse Calline’, ‘Contessa Calvini’, ‘Contessa Callini’, ‘Contessa Collini’.


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Blooming Season Italy