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Contessa Nencini

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Year Published/Registered1846

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Contessa Nencini'

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Comtesse de Nencini  Auguste van Geert, 1853, Catalogue, No.33, p.24. Orthographic variant for Contessa Nencini.

Comtesse Mencini  Alex Verschaffelt, 1846, Catalogue, 1.52. Orthographic error for Contessa Nencini.

Comtesse Nancini  Leroy, André, Catalogue, 1869. Orthographic error for Contessa Nencini.

Comtesse Nancino  da Silva, 1880, Forcing Varieties of Camellias in Oporto, p.6. Orthographic error for Contessa Nencini.

Comtesse Nencine  Loureiro Catalogue No.9, 1872-1873. Orthographic error for Contessa Nencini.

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Burnier & Grilli Catalogue, 1846-1847: Flower very full double, well imbricated with the form and colour of Incarnata; petals semi-transparent with stripes and lines of rosy carmine. van Houtte Catalogue, 1845-1846, 23:3 lists this camellia as ‘Comtesse Nencini’ but as it was originally released and named by Burnier and Grilli, Italy, according to their catalogue, their orthography is considered as the valid one. Also Mercatelli, 1881 gives Bibbiani - Ridolfi as the originators and it is thus an Italian cultivar. See also Verschaffelt, 1849, Nouvelle Iconographie, Book IX, pl.II for colour illustration. Synonyms: ‘Pecchioliana’, ‘Pecchi­oli’, ‘Puccini’, Jean Freppa’, ‘Rosa Alboeflora’, ‘Peltata’, ‘Pecchiolana’, ‘Rose Albaflora’, ‘Rosal­boeflora’, ‘Peccholana’. Orthographic variant: ‘Comtesse Nencini’. Orthographic errors: ‘Contessa Nancini’, ‘Comtesse Nancino’, ‘Comtesse Nencine’, ‘Comtesse Nancini’, ‘Nencini’, ‘Comtesse de Nencini’, ‘Comtesse Mencuil’. A sport of Giulia Gherardesca.


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Blooming Season Italy