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Doctor Lee

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CountryUnited States

Year Published/Registered1940

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Doctor Lee'

Chinese Name:李博士

Japanese Name



Dr D.G. Lee Heutte, 1955, American Camellia Yearbook, p.292. Orthographic error for ‘Dr W.G. Lee’, synonym for Doctor Lee.

Dr Lee Vanderbilt, 1940, Camellia Research, p.4. Abbreviation for Doctor Lee.

Dr W.G. Lee Gerbing Azalea Gardens Catalogue, 1941-1942. Orthographic variant for Doctor Lee.


» English Description

Fruitland Nursery Catalogue, 1940-1941, p.22: Dark red, medium semi-dou­ble of round form, 10-11 cm in diameter. Medium, spreading growth with medium to light green leaves, broad ovate, 9.5 cm x 6 cm, short apex, raised venation, broad, shallow serrations. A seedling of unknown parents originated by Dr W.G. Lee, Macon, Georgia, USA about 1920. Orthographic variant: ‘Dr W.G. Lee’. Abbreviation: ‘Dr Lee’. Sport: Doctor Lee Variegated.