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Year Published/Registered1960

Cultivar Type:For Tea

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia sinensis 'Hime-midori'

Chinese Name:姬路绿

Japanese Name:姫路緑 ひめみどり



茶農林23号  農林認定品種(茶農林23号)

福15号  旧系統名:福15号


» English Description

Hime-midori. (C. sinensis). Registered in 1960. Selected from original Japanese tea. Use for Gyokuro, powdered green tea. Released by Hainuzuka.

[Agriculture registration] Tea Norin 23

[Product registration] None

[Characteristics] A variety that has been called natural gyokuro since it was raised and has excellent quality.

[Developer] Fukuoka Agricultural Experiment Station Chikugo Branch, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Kyushu Agricultural Experiment Station

[History] Selected by the Fukuoka Agricultural Experiment Station from the native seedling gardens of the same prefecture, the cultivation was taken over by the Kyushu Agricultural Experiment Station in 1950, and was registered as an agricultural forest in 1960. The old strain name is "Fuku No. 15".

[Earlyness] The harvesting period is 1 to 2 days later than that of 'Yabukita'.

[Morphological characteristics] The tree shape is intermediate and the tree vigor is medium to strong. The buds are a little small. The shape of the new leaf under shading is oval, the size is slightly small, the thickness is medium, the color is bright green yellow, the gloss is large, and the leaf quality is medium. Adult leaf shape is elliptical, medium size, medium thickness, slightly thick color, dark green, glossy, leaf wrinkle is medium, leaf edge wave is small, internal folding degree is small, inversion degree is large Is.

[Cutting rooting] It is slightly inferior, but it is improved by the yellowing cutting method (a method of shading for a certain period).

[Good or bad of initial growth] No difference from'Yabukita'.

[How to tailor young trees] There are no special requirements.

[Yield] Medium and inferior to'Yabukita'.

[Quality] The shape is small and the tightness is good. The light blue color is light yellow-green, and the nourishing taste is rich.

[Cold resistance] Strong.

[Insect resistance] No serious diseases are noted and they are strong.

[Suitable for cultivation] Suitable for the gyokuro production area in the Yame region of Fukuoka Prefecture, which is the selected area.

[Processing characteristics] Excellent as gyokuro.

» Japanese Description

姫路緑  (Hime-midori) ひめみどり.    旧系統名:福15号。公表日:1960玉露碾茶用1960年登録農林認定品種(茶農林23号)福岡在来種実生


















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