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Year Published/Registered1953

Cultivar Type:For Tea

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia sinensis 'Tama-midori'

Chinese Name:玉绿

Japanese Name:玉緑 たまみどり



» English Description

Tama-midori. (C. sinensis). Registered in 1953. Selected from seedlings of original Japanese tea in Uji. Use for Pan fried green tea. Kanaya.

[Agriculture registration] Tea Norin 4

[Product registration] None

[Characteristics] Mid- and late-lived varieties for steamed jade green tea.

[Developer] Tea Industry Experiment Station, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (Currently Agriculture and Food Industry Technology Research Institute, Vegetable Tea Industry Research Institute, Kanaya Tea Industry Research Center)

[History] At the Tea Manufacturing Department of the Agricultural Experiment Station of the Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce (Tokyo, Nishigahara), selected from the seedling group of Uji species was transplanted to the Tea Industry Experiment Station of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in 1921, and the test was performed with the strain name of U17 from 1940. In 1953, it was registered as Tea Norin No. 4 was named  as 'Tama-midori'

[Early Late] Embryonic stage • The late harvest is 6 days later than'Yabukita' in the plucking period.

[Morphological characteristics] Tree shape is a little upright, tree shape is a little small,

The vigor is rather strong. The new leaves are oblong and light green. Adult leaves are elliptical and medium in size, wrinkles and waves are medium in degree with large inversion, and leaf color is green.

[Rooting of cuttings] Raising seedlings is easy.

[Good or bad initial growth] The initial growth is not so good.

[Tailoring method] Since the initial growth is not so good, it is important to pay attention to the management of fertilization and to achieve early growth.

[Yield] Compared to'Yabukita', the number of buds is a little smaller and the yield is a little smaller.

[Quality] Green tea Especially good quality as steamed jade green tea. It should be noted that Irisawa tends to be slightly black. • Compared with Yabukita', the content of amino acids is slightly lower and the content of evening deficiency is slightly higher.

[Cold resistance] Red wilt resistance to cold damage is moderate, laceration resistance to damage is moderate, and winter resistance of winter buds is moderate.

[Insect resistance] Anthrax: Control is necessary because it is slightly vulnerable to disease. It is slightly strong against ring spot disease and does not require control.

[Suitable for cultivation] Suitable for steamed Okutama tea areas in Kyushu and Shizuoka prefectures.

» Japanese Description

玉緑 (Tama-midori) たまみどり    旧系統名:国茶U17号。公表日:1953。 釜炒茶玉緑茶用1953年登録農林認定品種(茶農林4号)宇治在来種実生


















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