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Il Robertii

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Year Published/Registered1848

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Il Robertii'

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Il Roberte  von Biedenfeld, 1856, Practische Grundlehren der Cultur von Camellien, p.44. Ortho­graphic error for Il Robertii.

Il Roberti  Burdin Maggiore et Cie. Catalogue, 1856-1857. Orthographic error for Il Robertii.

Il Roberto  Prudente Besson Catalogue, 1865. Orthographic error for Il Robertii.


» English Description

Auguste van Geert Catalogue, 1848, p.18: Splendid bicolor camellia, each petal is half cherry red and half white, but well blended, the large petals regularly imbricated. Verschaffelt, 1848, Nouvelle Iconographie, Book II, pl.I: Leaves ovate, rounded, bright green, veined and serrate. The buds are large, round and green. The flower is large, bi­coloured, the regularly imbricated petals are cherry red variegated with white. It was obtained from seed by Mariani, Milan, Italy. Orthographic errors: 'Il Roberte'; 'Il Roberto'; 'Il Roberti'. van Houtte, 1849-1850, Catalogue, 38:55 gives it as a synonym for Schiavone, however this is considered to be the self coloured form and not a synonym.


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Blooming Season Italy