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Anemoniflora Alba

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Year Published/Registered1820

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Anemoniflora Alba'

Chinese Name:白宝珠

Japanese Name



Anaemoneflora Alba  Trillon, Le Mans Nursery Catalogue, 1843, p.3. Orthographic error for Anemoniflora Alba.

Anemona Flora Alba  Charles van Geert, 1850, Catalogue, No.117, p.2. Orthographic variant for Anemoniflora Alba.

Anemonaeflora Alba  Pepiniere del Jacob-Makoy, 1828, Catalogue, p.5: Prince & Co., Catalogue, 1844, p.104. Orthographic variant for Anemoni­flora Alba.

Anemonaeflora Warratah Alba  Berlèse, 1843, Iconographie, vol.2, pl.150. Synonym for Anemoni­flora Alba.

Anemone Alba  van Houtte Catalogue,1842, 9:21. Synonym for Anemoniflora Alba.

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» English Description

Curtis, 1820, Monograph on the Genus Camellia, p.1, as ‘flore pleno Anemoniflora Alba’ or ‘White Waratah’; Chandler & Buckingham, 1825, Camellia Britannica as ‘Anemone Flora Alba’: "This plant was produced, with 4 others, from 5 seeds contained in a capsule of the Pompone or ‘Kew Blush’ variety and sown in November 1819. Its habit and appearance are much the same as its parent. The branches are pale coloured, erect and slender. The leaves resemble ‘the striped’ (Variegata) in shape but of a lighter green with more prominent veins. It approximates nearer to the leaves of the Pompone and ‘Paeony-flowered’ varieties. They are broader at the base, more veiny on the upper side and have a stronger midrib. The flower buds are large and round, with thin, pale green, slightly pubescent scales. The flowers are about the same size as the ‘Pompone’, which they also very much resemble in form and disposition of the petals. They seldom exceed 8.5 to 10 cm across and are of a delicate white colour, a little striped and occasionally spotted with pale red. The outer petals are large and spreading, about 10 in number and arranged in two rows; the greater part of them are nearly flat, roundish cordate, from 2.5- 3.8 cm in diameter. The inner petals are small, irregularly shaped and numerous; their usual characteristic is to be nearly all of the same height and rise upright in a dense mass. The name of ‘White Waratah’ or ‘White Anemone Flowered’ which has been given to this variety, is inappropriate as leading one to suppose, except for the colour of its flowers, that it is the same as the elegant variety represented at folio 8." (Anemoniflora) Synonyms: ‘White Waratah’, ‘Warratah White’, ‘White Warrata’. Orthographic variants and errors: ‘Anemoneflora Alba’, ‘Anemonaeflora Alba’, ‘Anemone Flora Alba’, ‘Anemoniaeflora Alba’, ‘Anemonae Flora Alba’, ‘White Anemone’, ‘Anemone Alba’, ‘Anemonaeflora Albo Variabilis’. See colour plates in Chandler & Booth, 1831, Illustrations and Descriptions of the plants which compose... pl.12 as ‘Anemoniflora Albo’. Note-. According to Chandler & Buckingham this was raised from seed planted in 1819. Obviously from the listing by Curtis, a camellia of this name was a mature plant prior to 1820. From this it would appear that there were two camellias named ‘Anemoniflora Alba’.

» Chinese Description

朱國棟、蔡燦玉,2011. 《台灣茶花族譜》,p.13. Anemoniflora Alba     白宝珠   C. japonica    Anemoniflora Alba 白宝珠(C. japonica)红山茶。1819,英国。'Pompone'的实生种。半重瓣唐子形、白色、偶有稀少的淡红色条斑、中〜大轮(8.510cm)、外轮花瓣约10枚、二重轮列。

同种异名:White WaratahWaratahWhiteWhite Warratah (明日天涯)。


Flower Size8.5-10 cm

Blooming Season China