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Year Published/Registered1990

Cultivar Type:For Oil

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia oleifera 'Xianglin 1'

Chinese Name:湘林1号

Japanese Name

Meaning:the oil series cultivar of Hunan Academy of Forestry


国S-SC-CO-013-2006  2006年通过国家良种审定的良种证号。

羊古老1号  陈永忠主编,2008年,《油茶优良种质资源》第 25 页

区1号  陈永忠主编,2008年,《油茶优良种质资源》第 25 页


» English Description

Xianglin 1Camellia oleifera. China Forestry Publishing House, 2016. Oil-tea Camellia Cultivars in China, p.302. Oil Tea Camellia Superior Germplasm Resources, 2008, editor in chief by Chen Yonzhong, p.25. Synonym:‘Yanggulao No. 1’, ‘Qu No. 1’. Bred by Hunan Academy of Forestry in 1990, passed the identification in 2006 by National Registration, and listed as national excellent cultivar, the Certification Number: S-SC-CO-013-2006. Plant vigorous, compact, branches diverged at the angle of 40 degrees, crown rotund or tower-shape. Leaves elliptic, apex acuminate, margin serrate or crenate, 5.0 ~ 6.5 cm long, 3.0 ~ 4.0 cm wide, glabrous, green to dark green. Flowering late, usually in early November to late December. Flowers white, diameter 6.0 ~ 8.5cm, petals 5 ~ 6, obcordate. Fruits mature in late October, reddish yellow, olive shape, diameter 30 ~ 44 cm, 15-30 amount of fruits weighted 500g, loci 2 ~ 4. Average 46.8% seed weight in each fresh fruit. The average rate of oil reached 35% from dry seeds, and 8.869% from fresh fruit. The average oil yield 722.5kg/hm2. Suitable for major oleifera producing areas.

» Chinese Description

湘林1【别名】羊古老1号,区1,陈永忠主编,2008年,《油茶优良种质资源》第 25 页。【培育单位】湖南省林业科学院,【选育年份】1990,【审定年份】2006,【良种号】S-SC-CO-013-2006别名羊古老1号,区1号,由湖南省林业科学院于1990年选育出来的优良无性系。树势旺盛,树体紧凑,枝条分枝角40º左右,树冠自然圆头形或塔形;叶椭圆形,先端渐尖,边缘有细锯齿或钝齿,长5.06.5cm,宽3.04.0cm,叶面光滑,绿色至墨绿色;花期稍晚,湖南通常于11月上旬至12月下旬开花,花白色,直径6.08.5cm,花瓣倒心形,56瓣;果实成熟期10月下旬,果实橄榄形,红黄色,果径3044cm,每500g果数1530个,心室24个,鲜出籽率46.8%,干籽含油率35%,鲜果含油率8.869%。丰产性能好,4年平均产油722.5kg/hm2,在湘、赣、桂、浙等全国区试中平均684kg/hm2。适用于各主要油茶产区。

湘林1 Camellia oleifera Xianglin 1. 中国林业出版社, 2016. 《中国油茶品种志》,p.302。【别名】羊古老1号、区1号【审定编号】国S-SC-CO-013-2006【选育单位】湖南省林业科学研究院【选育年份】1990年。


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